Real Estate in Tuscany

Florence - Military installation

The project to redevelop some unutilized real estate properties and barracks areas around Florence takes off. The operation was developed by local public entities and should open opportunities for new projects and new investments. There are seven public properties in the Florentine area scheduled for redevelopment, which will start by passing the property to the Florence Municipality, which will then serve as the reference point for all redevelopment efforts.

The Municipality of Florence recently published its first public tender which in fact opens the redevelopment process. The property that launches this entire program is the Gonzaga-Lupi di Toscana military installation – a structure counting 33,000 sq m meters of gross surface area, with 22,000 sq m of surrounding grounds rising at the western end of the city, at the boundary with Scandicci municipality. The primary goal is to redevelop the area for some social hosing that will lead to creation of some one hundred apartments designed for your couples. This project will be flanked by interventions on green areas with sporting equipment, multifunctional areas, and services. The tender opened by the Municipality of Florence pertains to feasibility studies and economic and financial plans to design the redevelopment of the former military station and the adjacent areas.

But the former Gonzaga barracks is only the first of a series of similar real estate properties that should become property of the Municipality of Florence during 2015, to then have the value of these assets increased – possibly through leasing to a third party. For the other six military structures, plans are being studied to adapt them to public functions, to transform them into residential buildings, or into reception structures, as was the case for the former military hospital San Gallo, which may turn into a hotel.

Firenze - Military installation