Foreign companies investing or enlarging in Tuscany

“…We have lots of collaboration with many institutions in the Tuscany area, mainly in Pisa and Florence… When our president, Mr Merieux, found out this land, Tuscany, he fell in love… Florence is a very nice city when you’re speaking abroad and that’s also important for us being a multinational company to bring people from different countries to live in Italy!
In the R&D department we have developed with universities very good partnerships, developing parts of the instruments we produce here in Florence which are actually exported worldwide… Another thing why we moved to Florence is that, if you take 100km from here, in different places we have qualified people and companies working with us…
Most of our providers come from Tuscany, but we also have some of them in other regions which are not that far fromFlorence… Commercially speaking, for myself travelling to see different customers, it is an excellent location because It is at 2 or 3 hours far from the main cities of Italy…”
Yasha Mitrotti

CEO, Biomerieux Italia Spa