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Prato - Logistic park

The building known as the “Business Centre” is situated inside the Freight Terminal of central Tuscany, in the municipality of Prato.
The freight terminal is located in Tuscany’s most industrialised area, marked by major production areas, such as the “macrolotto” industrial districts. Moreover, the production system in Prato has always exported its products worldwide and has thus established a network of freight forwarders with correspondents in all the world’s leading goods centres.

The freight terminal is in the heart of Central Italy and of Tuscany; situated right in the centre of the routes linking Northern Italy with the South and the two coasts, the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian.
Of particular note is its convenient position with regard to chief infrastructures, such as: A. Vespucci Airport in Florence, the A11 and A1 motorways.

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Prato - Logistic park

Macrolotto Prato