Here comes the system that could solve the problem of the lack of masks in hospitals. #Cisa, a company from Lucca specialized in the production of sterilization units for surgical instruments, invented it. The masks can be reused several times by the same doctors and nurses who have worn them. This is not a sterilization (impossible because it would require a temperature of 120 degrees) but a deep disinfection that guarantees the absence of the virus.

The mask disinfection system, which can be activated through a modification applied to the sterilization plant, will be supplied at cost price – several hospitals in Tuscany, Lombardy and Puglia have already asked to test it – and therefore will not bring significant revenues to Cisa. It is, however, pushing development in other directions.

Cisa’s power stations are used to sterilize tools (scalpels, pliers, retractors) coming from operating theatres, a process that takes place in an area usually inside hospitals. Fundamental, in this field, are not so much the sterilizing machines but the research and development on the logistic front (for example on the accesses to the sterile room/surgical room through dedicated elevators), on the digital front (with software that programs the sterilizing machines to turn on when the surgical instruments arrive), on water saving: the Cisa “aquazero” patent, for example, allows to generate the “vacuum” with a dry pump, saving 300 litres of water for a sterilization cycle lasting one hour.

Cisa (20 million turnover, 86 employees) has decided to propose this service to modify the sterilization plants at the sole cost of the company, in order to make its contribution to the fight against Coronavirus.


Lucca, Tuscany