FLORENCE – New Life for the Copaim brand, a long-lived Tuscan company specializing in fresh gastronomic productions of Italian cuisine, with 150 employees, divided between the factories of Albinia in Grosseto province, more than 90 workers packing fish and vegetable specialities, and Massa and Cozzile In Pistoia province, where pasta is produced, with 40 workers.

The good news is that on May 2 the deed will be signed for the definitive transfer of ownership to the Milan-based group “Sapori e gusti italiani”, which for nearly two years has been leasing Copaim as a business branch; the commitment being to strengthen and revitalize the company’s business with new investments, capital and the intention to gain further markets.

President Rossi’s labour policy advisor Gianfranco Simoncini met yesterday with Grosseto and Pistoia trade unions as well as property representatives to discuss the process of relaunching a company that operates both with its own brands and on behalf of large retailers.

On the industrial level, he explains, a trade union discussion will open in the coming days, the Region supporting this important transition phase of the company with all the tools it has available, on both the industrial and agri-food fronts. The Region-unions-company panel will continue to follow developments.