FLORENCE – One of the first examples of industry 4.0 in Tuscany will be built in Lucignano, 30km from Arezzo. In the Padule area the construction site is underway for the Diakont srl facility, a multinational company at the forefront of the production of electro-mechanical actuators for industrial robots. The Diakont group, with its main offices in St. Petersburg (Russia) and branch office in San Diego (USA) is known worldwide as a supplier of technological solutions and services that ensure the safety and economic efficiency of the energy industry, and as a manufacturer of equipment for automation. The first column of the new plant, which will have 7000 msq of production area and 1500 msq allocated to offices, was laid yesterday in the presence of the regional infrastructure assessor Vincenzo Ceccarelli, the company’s top management, the mayor of Lucignano, Roberta Casini, and representatives of the Region’s investment attraction sector

The facility, which will be operational at the end of 2018, should provide work for around 120 people, with highly qualified profiles.

The value of the investment, as emphasised by the Region, lies mainly in the interweaving of research and innovative industrial production. To reinforce this, the regional government will shortly approve a Memorandum of Understanding between the Region, the Municipality of Lucignano, the Universities of Pisa and Florence, the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies and the company Diakont, with the objective of strengthening the scientific and operational collaboration between the world of research and the company, ensuring the continuation of the accompanying and facilitative actions undertaken by the Region and Municipality in the realisation of the investment project.

As well as production, in a second phase the facility will also be accompanied by a a congress and exhibition center on the plant premises. The center will be based in the office part of the plant building and will become a venue for exhibitions of high-tech products of the company, Russian and Italian manufacturers, as well as a venue for scientific events aimed at the joint work of Italian and Russian industrial and research organizations. As historically Italy was a symbol and a place of intersection of cultural and technological exchange for European countries, as now in virtue of Diakont conception the congress and exhibition center in Lucignano will become a platform for technological exchange between Europe and Russia of the future. The classroom, being part of the center, will provide an opportunity to implement joint educational programs of Tuscan and Russian universities. The institution of the center will contribute to the international economic and scientific development of the region.
In area adjacent to the production site it’s being planned to open a hotel and recreation complex, which will include:
– Hotel of 30 rooms of category 4 *;
– Spa and recreation complex with a mini football field and an indoor swimming pool 25 meters long with 4 tracks;
– Traditional Tuscan cuisine restaurant for 100 visitors.