Florence, Today at the historical headquarter in Florence, Esaote SpA, leader in the biomedical electronics sector, inaugurated its new Centre for Excellence for Probes.

Stefania Saccardi, Health Councillor for the Tuscany Region and Dario Nardella, Mayor of Florence attended the event.

The site of the new Centre of Excellence for the production of Probes and Transducers – the most sophisticated and high tech components in ultrasound diagnostic systems – has been renewed both in facilities and in production process, with the aim of aligning Esaote with the most advanced technological standards and the industry future trends. The project amounted to a totale investment of about EUR 3 million and 70 working stations have been created in two productive areas besides offices and meeting rooms.

“The opening of an innovative Centre of Excellence for the production of probes today, in the historical Florence headquarter, is first and foremost highly relevant to the whole Italian technological industry, which is globally known for high standards and creativity.” according to Paolo Monferino, Chairman of Esaote S.p.A.“Moreover, it is for us another milestone for the evolution of our Company, which involves locations, processes, business and organizational models, with the aim of making the Group more innovative, reactive and focused on excellence and sustainability”.

Florence and Tuscany keep being very important for the history of Esaote, as they have been since its foundation, when OTE joined Esacontrol. A history of success and innovation in the diagnostic imaging sector, with an ongoing commitment in creating more advanced and innovative technologies for health.