Arezzo, Tuscany

SVI SpA, a company specialized in the construction of railway vehicles (yellow machines) useful for construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure, inaugurates the new facility of Lucignano, 30 km from Arezzo (Tuscany). 
SVI has made a 15 million € investment in order to improve its production capability, with a business plan that has seen 13 new people employed and 30 more expected within the next 2 years.

SVI, which today has 84 employees, decided to move the facility, founded in 1999, from Città di Castello to Lucignano with a new 16,000 sq. m  facility with all necessary equipment for construction, maintenance and renovation of railway vehicles. With the completion of works for the new Lucignano location, the new plant has became one of the largest and best equipped production sites for railway vehicle construction and for the construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure.
Today SVI SpA is an industrial company capable of producing railway vehicles useful for railway infrastructure, using all phases of the production process from the original contract to after-sales service, passing through the engineering-design, purchasing, production, assembly and testing phases.
“The Region of Tuscany” claims Vincenzo Ceccarelli, Regional Minister for transport, ”is proud to have supported the relocation of an Italian company that is growing strongly, both in terms of market and employees. I know very well the good work being carried out by SVI, which is closely linked to the importance of maintaining and modernizing the railway network.”