Delta Tech S.p.A.  announced today the acquisition by Toray Industries, Inc. of a 55% stake in its corporate capital.
Delta Tech, founded in 1999, develops and produces, also through its subsidiary Delta Preg, pre-preg products based on carbon fiber for automotive and other industrial sectors.The buyer, Toray, a Japanese company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, is worldwide leader in the fields of organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry and biochemistry, and the world’s largest supplier in the carbon fiber composites industry.
The transaction will allow Delta Tech to strengthen its position at an international level as a highly qualified operator in the field of advanced composite materials, being able to benefit from significant synergies, a constantly growing global network and substantial investments. At the same time, the Company and its stakeholders (employees, clients and suppliers) can count on the continuity of the course of business, ensured by the relevant role maintained in the board of directors by the founding shareholders.