From Tuscany to Puglia all the way to a new partnership with an industrial group from Lombardy. The Italian campaign carries on for McPhy, a French company specialized in hydrogen-based solutions for the industrial sector and energy. In 2013, McPhy had taken a decisive step forward in its growth plan by acquiring Piel in Ponsacco (Pisa), a company that focuses on hydrogen generators with more than one thousand clients around the world, bringing to a total of three production sites (France, Germany, and Italy, precisely in San Miniato in the Pisa province). During 2014, the company saw its turnover grow by 22% to €8.4 million, and signed new deals in Italy to confirm the feeling created with our country simultaneously to the Tuscan experience.

Firstly, the creation of the first solid hydrogen stocking system based on renewable energy was completed. The Ingrid project is located in Puglia, in order to take advantage of the numerous photovoltaic panel and wind farms present in the region. There are three objectives: optimizing the energy from renewable resources available on the network by storing it; replenish the hydrogen market by offering the solid raw materials; using energy in the form of hydrogen to fuel the recharging stations for electric cars.

Secondly, McPhy reached an agreement to collaborate with Milan’s De Nora group, a supplier of electrochemical products with more than €250 million in profits. The agreement will see De Nora providing McPhy with the electrodes for its line of alkaline electrolyzers, improving the performance of machines designed for both industrial use and for use by energy operators. 

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