A new development plan dedicated to the Oil & Gas industry for the Guasticce logistics hub – the freight park in Livorno that for ten years has hosted the reference logistics platform for GE Oil & Gas – a division of General Electric with a branch in Florence.

The new area of the Guasticce hub – owned by GE’s long-term partner, BCube – was recently inaugurated. Simultaneously, the development plans that predict an increase of the volume processed were also announced. Estimates predict that already this year, there will be an increase from 2014’s 40,000 tons to nearly 60,000 tones. The spaces dedicated to packaging and stocking merchandise by 25% and 15%, respectively. The new area will count approximately 70,000 sq m, for a total area of 350,000 sq m for the freight park that serves the American group, present in Tuscany with plants in Firenze and Massa. The expansion will also include a strengthening of the area’s personnel, which should grow from 250 to 300 units.

“It’s a ‘best in class’ logistics hub – commented Massimo Messeri, president of Nuovo Pignone: GE Oil & Gas’s leading company – With this Guasticce development program, we give a further thrust to the to triangle of productive excellence, with the plants in Florence and Massa as the two other principal hubs. Today, our deep ties to the territory and its development are presented with an important, new pieces that will surely contribute to make us even more competitive on the international markets, due to the ‘Made in Italy’ fame.”

“The project – explained Region of Tuscany president Enrico Rossi – promises to turn Livorno into one of Italy’s most important logistics hubs, and enables it to turn into a propeller for the development of the entire area, with important positive consequences in terms of employment.” To achieve this objective, it will be fundamental to quickly carry out the programmed works to connect with the port of Livorno and with the railway network, which will broaden the range of possibilities for Livorno’s freight park. 

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