An open-air theater, a musical are, spaces dedicated to workshops and local artisanship, conference rooms and offices to promote tourism. San Gimignano, a medieval town in the Siena province declared a Human Heritage Site by UNESCO, is working to recover the San Domenic complex that rises within the city’s walls, turning it into a cultural hub around which public services, and artisanal and commercial activities can be developed.

The property is developed on 6,500 square meters of built gross surface area, to which an additional 13,000 square meters of open spaces must be added. This used to be the site of a 13th century convent that in 1841 had been converted into a prison in use until about two decades ago. As the property passed from the State to local authorities, the compound is now under the control of the Region of Tuscany and the San Gimignano Municipality (50% each) and is ready to start the path to redevelopment. Over the course of fifteen years, the forecasted interventions will provide the Siena suburb with a renovated are with high potential for the cultural and artistic offerings that constitute San Gimignano’s fundamental touristic attractions. According to the estimates compiled in 2011 by consultants to the Tuscan municipality, redeveloping the area will require interventions for more than €17 million.

As for the open spaces, the project centers on the creation of an outdoors theater with 1,700 seats to host concerts and events from San Gimignano’s rich artistic and musical calendar. The design also includes a panoramic walkway along the city’s walls. The redevelopment of the buildings will instead aim at the creation of a museum space, in the area around Chiesa di Santo Spirito [Saint Spirit Church], a conference hall with a capacity of 300 people, and to host commercial activities geared towards the promotion of characteristic local products. 

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