A turnover that grazes one billion Euro and nearly 5,500 employees. These are the figures that describe the high-tech vocation of the Pisa area, predicted to grow in 2014 as well. High-technology activities account for nearly 6% of the regional economy, in terms of businesses’ total turnover and, despite the difficult economic outlook, businesses appear health. After 2013’s +0.6%, according to a survey carried out by Pisa’s Chamber of Commerce [Camera di Commercio], a +1% is expected for the current year. Additionally, more than half of all businesses closed the year in profits, and an additional 24% showed a balance between costs and profits. The positive bearing is also confirmed by businesses’ willingness to strengthen their investments in Research & Development: according to the survey, the amont of resources destined dedicated to these activities is forecasted to growth by 5.4%. Approximately 23% of Tuscany’s high-tech businesses turnover is invested in R&D.

In the province of Pisa, high tech means primarily ICT: nearly half of businesses classifiable as high technology (280 in the Pisa area) belong to this sector, which employs 1,800 people. The other important sectors include advanced mechanics, life sciences, and energy-environmental.

All of these businesses have, in recent years, demonstrated a strong dynamism, in terms of both internationalization and innovation. Approximately 40% of them are present in foreign markets, and export an average of 38% of their turnover. Nearly half has introduced, over the past three years, new products and services that generated contributions accounting for nearly 20% of profits. 

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