San Giminiano, province of Yokohama. The now ten-year partnership between the Siena-based Imer group, which produces construction equipment and concrete mixers, and IHI Corporation, the Japanese colossus, takes an important step forward for the Asian group’s commitment in Tuscany, and for the future of the jv: in fact, since last month the outsourcing from Japan to Italy of a part of IHI’s production of heavy equipment became a concrete reality.

In fact, in San Giminiano’s Ihimer – this is the name chosen for the joint-venture created in 2002 – plant, the production of a new series of mini-excavators with IHI technology has begun, inaugurating the change of pace for the collaborations. It is model 27V4 (presented as a prototype version at the 2013 BAUMA international trade fair for Construction Machinery), of which 200 units will be produced by the end of 2014, with orders that, at the beginning of production, covered 70% of predicted output. The distribution will pertain to European markets and the Mediterranean basin. The new machine therefore brings fulfills the 2012 agreements regarding the partnership, which included the outsourcing of some of the parent company IHI production lines, and specifically those relative to mini-excavators, to Tuscany.

Ihimer, which has a 2013 turnover estimated at approximately 23-24 million Euros, produces mini-excavators, skid loaders, mini dumpers and aerial tracked platforms in its Siena plant, while the Yokohama factory produces most of the heavy equipment. All of the joint venture’s products are commercialized in Europe through a network of more than 100 distributors and dealers, while a global network is in the works for the skid, access, and mini-dumper lines. Ihimer’s San Gimignano plant employees 55 workers and extends over a surface area of more than 36,000 square meters.

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