Tuscan logistics is being showcased on Piazza Affari. One of the principal national operators for international shipments via sea or air, Savino Del Bene, is ready to be quoted on Milan’s stock exchange, perhaps as early as the end of 2013: the administration council of the company based in Scandicci, Florence, has recently presented a formal request for the admission of its stock on the Telematic Stock Market to the Italian Stock Exchange – the company that manage Milan’s platform – and to the Consob – the Authority overseeing the financial products market, for the publication of the documents necessary for the offer. The goal is to place 30% of the capital on the stock market, in order to gather resources to finance an ulterior development for the Florentine group. For Savino Del Bene, if the operation is successfully concluded, it will mean a return to the Stock Exchange at exactly ten years from its delisting.

Over time, the group born at the beginning of the nineteen hundreds in Florence that initially specialized in commercial shipping towards the United States, has specialized in multimodal shipping through the use of road, rail, sea and air vectors without ever using its own sea or air vessels, making use of external specialized operators and organizational solutions with a high technological content. Savino Del Bene’s principal activity sector is in sea shipping, from which they derive approximately 70% of their profits, and which showed the largest growth margins (+20% compared to the previous year and +5.5.% in the first months of 2013). In the course of 2012, the group shipped approximately 347,000 TEUS (the measurement unit that takes the standard 20-foot container as the reference point) by sea, with an 8.7% yearly increase: most of the goods are bound for Europe (65% of the total) with the Asia-Oceania area as the second destination. Both areas are still showing signs of development, as is the traffic towards South America. Savino Del Bene’s second “core” area is in aerial shipment, which represents 20% of the turnover, and that moved more than 46,000 tons of goods in 2012.
The group’s turnover for 2012 was close to one billion Euros, and it is now aiming to expand onto new markets by making the most of its networks that include a presence in 120 countries with 2,600 employees: currently, a little more than half of the business comes from Europe, one quarter from North America, and the remaining quarter from Asia and Oceania, Middle East and Africa, and Central and South America.