In Coronavirus times, the Tuscan university world also made its contribution. The ISIA University Institute of Design in Florence will create visor supports for use in the operating theatres of Tuscan hospitals. How? Thanks to 3D printing. After the test phase by health care workers, production will include between 10 and 15 supports per day for each printer, six in total. An ingenious and effective response to the high demand for protective devices for doctors, nurses and healthcare personnel.

Thanks to 3D printing technology it is now possible to produce essential pieces in small series very quickly and modify them according to the specific needs of the role of the health care worker, configuring the appropriate device for the type of job. Isia Firenze has decided to make available six 3D printers with which in a fast and ductile way it produces the visor supports to be used in the surgical room, customizing dimensions and other features according to the requests coming from the Permanent Unified Operating Room of Tuscany.

ISIA Firenze is a state university institute (MIUR- AFAM) of higher education in the field of design. It has its headquarters at the Scuderie di Palazzo Strozzi, in Via Pisana. Its courses, of an experimental and interdisciplinary nature, have always been strongly oriented towards research and innovation. The training offer is divided into two levels (3+2), with a three-year design course, which is followed by a two-year specialist course with two addresses: product design and communication design. A didactic model characterized by a limited number of students selected with an admission test, by a teaching staff composed of professionals and personalities from the world of culture and design, and by an approach able to combine research and theoretical knowledge with practical/technical skills and experience.


Isia Design Firenze
Florence, Tuscany