A new electronic grade hydrogen peroxide system was inaugurated today at the Solvay plant in Rosignano. The EG (Electronic Grade) plant has a capacity of 50,000 tonnes/year, for the production of ultrapure hydrogen peroxide used in the semiconductor industry as a washing solution, within the manufacture of the chips used in the latest generation of devices. The new plant is capable of producing ultra-pure hydrogen peroxide that is used by electronic industries around the world to clean chips and microchips.

The total investment made by Solvay was 40 million euro and involved the construction of four twin lines. The Electronic Grade unit consists of a production area, a laboratory equipped with a clean room and a logistics area for loading and inspection of the containers that transport the finished product to the customer. Within this production, therefore, the quality management of the production chain is of fundamental importance.

The inauguration was attended by the President of the Region of Tuscany Enrico Rossi, the President of the Province of Livorno and Mayor of Rosignano Alessandro Franchi, welcomed by the new plant manager Pier Luigi Deli, the former director Davide Papavero and the country manager Marco Colatarci.