Braccialini begins a new journey with Graziella and is preparing to enter the foreign market. The leather goods brand, acquired last February for € 6 million by the Arezzo jewellery company, following a preventative agreement among creditors, restarts with the newco Graziella&Braccialini srl and with all of the previous company’s 84 employees, rehired with solidarity contracts. According to that recorded by Il Sole-24 Ore, in an interview with the President of the Graziella Group, Gianni Gori, the brand’s relaunch will be back on track by 2018, aiming to reach a turnover of € 12 million , up from the estimated € 8.5 million for the end of this year. CEO Massimo Macchi, already Vice President of Graziella will lead the brand.

Foreign markets will form the driving force for future growth, a real gamble for Graziella, considering that, up to now, 70% of Braccialini sales have been made in Italy. The goal is to invert the weight of the two markets, creating a close collaboration with Graziella jewellery, which is already present in markets such as the former USSR, Turkey and the Middle East. The business plan, as outlined in the terms of acquisition, will only concern the Braccialini and Tua brands, while the Gherardini, Francesco Biasia and Vivienne Westwood licences will not be repurchased.