Bonifiche Ferraresi continues to invest in Tuscany: the Project “Tuscany”  has been presented today in the Santa Caterina Estate, headquarter of the company in Tuscany, at the presence of the President of the region, Mr. Enrico Rossi, the President Rossella Locatelli and the CEO Federico Vecchioni.

The project is born thanks to the new corporate structure that has seen the entrance in the capital (with about 20%) of Cdp Equity through capital increase of € 60 million (of which 50 Cdp Equity and 10 of historical members) improved in February last year. The resources will be used to finance the new project of growth in Val di Chiana.

“Today we present the project Tuscany ”  – says Federico Vecchioni, CEO of the firm “a plan that complete the huge investments that within a year have relaunched the company, becoming one of the leading Italian agri-food firm”

Bonifiche Ferraresi – one of the largest agricultural company active in the cultivation and marketing of products (and quoted on the Stock Exchange) – launched in January 2016 an industrial plan (2015-2019) with investments of € 32 million towards the territories of Cortona (Arezzo) and Jolanda di Savoia (Ferrara).

The project “Tuscany “presented today provides for the enhancement of all existing supply chain; the increase in the presence of native breed of Chianina; the creation of horticultural district of Val di Chiana; the construction of the laboratory of research and working for the officinal herbs; the architectural recovery of Parco delle Leopoldine.

“The Project  Tuscany” – says the President of the Region Enrico Rossi, – represents a new step of a project already started with the aim of creating an excellence in the agri-food sector.”