Following ambitious business development ideas, PMP Group has recently established a new entity: PMPower S.r.l., Italy – responsible for energy solutions for both tissue and paper mills. Widening the product portfolio, based on Intelli-Tissue® and Intelli-Technology® platforms, is a natural progression of PMP’s development and is beneficial both for our customers (more solutions available as well as opportunities for technological development & optimization) and for PMP Group (increased competitiveness).

PMPower S.r.l. is the next part of PMP Group’s family development. The PMPower S.r.l. office is located in Lucca, Italy. The basic business concept is to design the equipment in Italy and produce it in PMP Group’s facilities in Poland (PMPoland and PMPKonmet) and alternatively in China – PMP IB (depending on the location of the final delivery).

From now on PMP Group is ready to support its business partners globally offering its own, new products within:

  • Air Hood Drying and Steam & Condensate Systems for Tissue Machines,
  • Complete Closed Hoods and Steam & Condensate Systems for Paper Machines,
  • Sheet Stabilizing units and Pocket Ventilation for Paper Machines,
  • Energy Recovery Systems,
  • Mist Removal Systems,
  • Wet Dust Removal Systems,
  • Building Ventilation Systems.

In addition, basing on the experience of new team members’, PMP Group is providing a variety of consulting services in the field of energy saving solutions, including new project ideas as well as advisory services connected to existing technological lines. PMP Group with the growth of PMPower S.r.l. is putting the maximum effort to develop the drying technology combining the improvement of production capacity and optimization as well as energy savings that are giving an additional tool to tissue, paper and board producers. Our customers receive ready-made, smart concepts, built on the philosophy of Optimum Cost Solutions.