Trigano, a large French producer of campers and caravans, wagers on the revamping of Poggibonsi’s Rimor, thereby broadening its product portfolio with another brand appreciated by auto caravan aficionados. At the end of January, Trigano – that had €900 million turnover in 2014, with activities spread across nine European countries – reached a deal with the Niccolai family – founders of Autocaravans Rimor S.p.A. – for the purchase of a majority packet of the company born near Siena in the 70’s.

The goal of the agreements – according to a joint statement – is to “restore the prestige that is owed to the Rimor brand and products, which brought the company to be one of the historically most important players in the camper sector, with approximately 40 years of history and more than 80,000 vehicles produced and sold – many of which are still in circulation.” The contract, which will lead to Trigano holding 60% of the Italian company, stipulates that production will continue in the Poggibonsi site in the Siena province. Rimor, who also uses the Kentucky Camp and X-Go brands, sold nearly 1,200 campers in the 2013-14 period, and expects a turnover of approximately 50 million for 2014-2015.

The alliance is primarily geared to endowing the Italian company with the financial resources necessary to sustain a volume growth in upcoming years. It also creates synergies between the two groups, from both an industrial and a marketing perspective.

Acquisitions on Italian territory are not new for Trigano, whose growth over the past fifteen years is largely due to extraordinary operations: the group had acquired Arca in 2011 and Sea in 2013, and is already present on the Tuscan territory with two sites. 

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