An impact on the Tuscan economy estimated at 400 million, and destined to grow to 600 million in a few years. This is the incidence that one of the global pharmaceutical giants has on the regional GDP. Eli Lilly, with a Tuscan presence established more than half a century ago, is turning its Sesto Fiorentino site – which currently employs 500 workers – into its global reference hub for insulin production. An IRPET (Regional Institute for Tuscany’s Economic Planning) survey clarified the importance of the American group not only for the Tuscan pharmaceuticals sector (one of the compartments with the highest potential) but for the region’s economy as a whole: the group accounts for 1% of the Regional GDP, and employs 14% of the region’s pharmaceutical workforce. The investigation indicates that, for every job created at Eli Lilly in 2010, there would have been an additional 5 jobs created in satellite activities; this ratio is destined to grow to 6.3 jobs by 2018.
During the past ten years, when the group specialized the Florentine plant to produce insulin, investments totaled €400 million, bringing the turnover to 755 million in 2013, and making Sesto Fiorentino the production hub for biotechnologically derived insulin exported to 54 countries. As reported in the weekly Affari & Finanza [Business & Finance] journal, supplies for the Chinese market were started in Decemeber, and are forecasted to grow to an annual 16 million insulin cartridges by 2016. The Sesto Fiorentino expansion towards other markets was made possible by the strengthening of the production site, that already led to the generation of a second production line in 2014, and should lead to the start of a new line this year.
But Eli Lilly also invested in its plant’s energy sufficiency with through investments in a cogeneration system with a 2.7 MW capacity that produced 95 million kWh of electric power from methane between 2007 and 2013, and photovoltaic pans that produce 210,000 kWh yearly. 

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