Kiunsys is a leading company in the design and development of innovative solutions for mobility and parking. Spinoff of the University of Pisa, founded in 2011 by three founding partners – Liberologico, CubitLab and SensorID – combining their ICT expertise in the cloud, sensing and RFID fields. It is by applying these technologies that Kiunsys responds to the specific needs of municipalities and of public bodies responsible for the management and control of all administrative and operational processes related to mobility, parking and urban logistics.
Over the years, the experience gained from Kiunsys and its continuous commitment to respond effectively to the needs of the Smart Urban Mobility has had important feedback materialise in various awards: from the most recent Smau Smart Communities Award 2014, to the European commercial partnership with Deutsche Telekom AG, up until the participation in EXPO SHANGHAI 2010 and the RFID AWARD 2009, to name just a few.

What are the company's figures?
In less than three years, Kiunsys has established itself as a major player in the field of Smart Urban Mobility, Smart Parking and City Logistics, having more of a significant impact on the market: 750,000 Mobility Pass RFIDs, 1,200 parking sensors, 162,000 tourist bus permits, 27,000 eCUDE RFIDs, 625,000 sanctions and 23,000 parking tickets.
Today, there are more than 25 cities – including Florence, Pisa, Verona and Naples – that use INES Cloud with success along with other Kiunsys products to manage mobility and parking in a simple and innovative way.

Tap & Park, la mobile app per il pagamento della sostaLet's find out more about your product. What is it? Why is your idea so successful?
Kiunsys offers a portfolio of modular products, fully integrated through INES Cloud, a centralised platform for the management and analysis of all processes of mobility. Thanks to INES Cloud, cities finally have a holistic, comprehensive and accurate framework of urban mobility, a single management and control interface that increases the efficiency and transparency of the offer. INES Cloud is in fact distinguished by the high level of interoperability that allows the city to easily integrate, on a single platform, the management and control of the entire urban infrastructure, both existing and to be realized in the future, regardless of the technology that it uses.
INES Cloud is accompanied by an extensive suite of products including, in addition to high-level management and monitoring tools, access and occupancy detection sensors for individual parking bays, web and mobile services dedicated to end-users to share real-time information on traffic and parking for the sale and purchase of parking and transit permits, tools for the management and control activities on access permits to be carried out directly in the restricted vehicular access areas, anti-counterfeiting marks for disabled permits and many other products and services.
(Figura: Tap & Park, the mobile app for the payment of parking)

Kiunsys fornisce soluzioni complete e integrate per la gestione della mobilità e della sosta What investments have you attracted so far?
Kiunsys was founded as a research and development project for innovative start-ups, funded by the 2007-2013 ERDF ROP of the MOLISE Region with a call for innovative start-up and spin-off projects ('Avviso per la presentazione di progetti start-up e spin-off di impresa innovativa'). The project consisted of the development of new ITS solutions, both hardware and software, to bring innovation into the field of mobility and smart parking: RFID-UHF mobility passes, RFID gates, Parking Spot Sensors and the software platform INES for the delivery of new mobility services to citizens and public bodies through the collection and sharing of data and information about the city.
(Figura: Kiunsys provides comprehensive integrated solutions for mobility management and parking)

According to your experience, why is Pisa particularly suited to the creation and development of start-ups?
In Pisa various institutions coexist: two schools of excellence such as the Scuola Normale Superiore and the Scuola di Studi Superiori Sant’Anna, the University of Pisa and the Research Area of CNR, the National Research Council. Besides these, the Polo Tecnologico of Navacchio, which is the first technology park in the Province of Pisa and the fourth at the national level, with around 70 technology companies settled in it. These aspects, if we consider that Pisa has 90,000 inhabitants, explain why the city is such a fertile meeting point for the emergence of new and successful business ideas and why it is so easy to start partnerships and test innovative services with the local Public Authorities.
And so it was for Kiunsys. Part of the team is from the Information Engineering Department of the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa, and Kiunsys was incubated at the Polo Tecnologico. Confirming its innovative attitude, Pisa is the city that first adopted the Kiunsys solutions, measuring their success year after year, also thanks to the many awards received: the most recent being the Smart Communities Award 2014 won at Smau in Milan. Today Pisa boasts several achievements: it stands out for the innovative nature of its mobility and parking management system at an international level, is among the first cities where ENEL, the National Electricity Board, has installed charging stations for electric cars, and has a ultra-wide broadband connection.

Parking Spot Sensor, sensori di parcheggio per monitorare l'occupazione INES Cloud è la piattaforma di Kiunsys per la gestione integrata di tutti i sistemi urbani della mobilità e della sosta

(Left: Parking Spot Sensor, parking sensors to monitor occupancy; right: INES Kiunsys Cloud is the platform for the integrated management of all urban systems of mobility and parking)


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