Florence showcases a former boarding school from the 1800’s, a railway area, an industrial complex in the heart of the city, a building from the 1800’s in the city’s exhibition zone, and a historical building close to Piazza Duomo that has fallen into disuse. Arezzo presents a fortress and two aristocratic buildings, all dating to the 1500’s, as well as the ambitious new freight village project. Follonica’s portfolio of real estate offerings includes two beachfront communities, two foundries, an 36,000 sq m industrial area, an incubator for innovative startups and an underground parking lot. Montecatini Terme instead offers four hot springs centers from the 18th century.

Tuscany presents a very rich menu for the upcoming Expo Real – Europe’s major convention dedicated to commercial real estate – scheduled to occur in Munich on October 6 – 8. There are twenty investment opportunities that pertain to real estate to be dedicated to logistics, hospitality, and retail – all them enriched by the presence of prestigious architectural assets, such as the “alle Quercie” (“at the Oak trees”) 19th century villa in Florence. The portfolio of real estate properties, which are listed to be sold or leased, will be presented at Munich’s event by Invest in Tuscany, a network of public partners coordinated by the Regione Toscana (Region of Tuscany), which serves as the reference point for businesses interested in investing on the regional territory.

The most substantial portfolio comes from Florence, with five structures that unite history, architecture and art that are made more attractive by their proximity to the city’s historical center. The “alle Quercie” complex, a former boarding school that lays on the first slopes outside Florence’s doors. The value enhancement will include a restoration operation to turn into a high-level hotel. Investors will certainly find the two originally industrial areas – both targeted for an important redevelopment – very interesting. The 42,000 sq m of gross usable surface where the Officina Grandi Riparazione once stood are destined to become a mostly residential area. The recovery of the Manifattura Tabacchi will instead be divided into residential, tourist-hospitality, and commercial uses, and will benefit from its proximity to the reference points for Florence’s fashion. The other investment proposals pertain to the redevelopment of historical structures that will combine residential functions to commercial or tertiary uses, as is the case for the Lavagnini complex – close to the Fortezza da Basso (da Basso Fortress) – or the Bufalini complex in the heart of the historical center.

The investment spotlight will then be shifted to four urban entities, whose diverse genres testify to the ample variety of Tuscany’s offers. With Arezzo, it will be the hillside area, and specifically the Etruscan and Roman historical contexts, that will prevail in showcasing attraction that are perhaps less well known to the public at large, but which are gaining the approval of tourists. The Medici Fortress as well as two other structures, Palazzo Fossombroni and Palazzo Carbonati, are envisioned as luxury residences. Montecatini, known throughout time and history for the therapeutic qualities of its waters, is wagering on the recovery of some urban thermal baths believe to be ideal as destination for tourism, health, and leisure. The last leg of the Tuscan journey presented at Munich’s expo is constituted by Follonica – a reference point for seaside tourism due to the location across from the Elba Island, but which also grew over the years due to the food and wine resources, and grew economically thanks to the digital district. The Municipality’s showcased flagship consists of two industrial buildings from the XVI century (referred to as “la Fonderia” – the Foundary) , already converted into multifunctional spaces: the goals is to assign for 50-year leases to entities capable of engendering an active management, and enhancing value through events, expositions, other various types of activities.

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