A mega-contract fro 450 million to build the new university hospital hub for Pisa, and an investment of 120 million to purchase and valorize the real estate complex that hosts the old hospital. This is the commitment demanded of whoever will be awarded the contract for the new work, which will emerge in the Cisanello neighborhood in city’s the northeastern section, whose tender was recently announced by the Azienda Ospedalerio Universitaria Pisana (Pisa’s University Hospital Agency).

The goal is complete works in 2019, making Cisanello’s “Nuovo Santa Chiara” [“New Santa Chiara”] one of Europe’s largest hospitals, extending over a surface of 280,000 sq m and developed to 1.1 million cubic meters, for a daily traffic of 15,000 people including patients, employees, visitors, students and suppliers. The total amount for the tender is of 447 million, of which 2.3 million for the design, 3 million for safety obligations, and more than 200 million for real-estate management. Indeed, the tender also calls for the management of the real-estate assets for a period of ten years, potentially renewable for an additional five, that will pertain to both new structures as well as some pre-existing ones. Beyond the actual hospital buildings, the project also envisages buildings for didactical activities and a wide space dedicated to green spaces with the creation of two parks. There is also an innovative mobility management: only electric vehicles will be able to circulate within the hospital’s perimeter, and parking areas will be concentrated in a single broad oval areas that will extend for the entire length of the hospital complex.

The operation’s other challenge will not be in Cisanello, but at the site of the Santa Chiara hospital complex, in Pisa’s historical center. Whoever winds the tender will have to purchase the old structure for 122.5 million and to valorize it. A long-awaited recovery that should unblock the project designed by English architect David Chipperfiled and approved last year by Pisa’s Municipal Committee.

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