An exclusive position in terms of landscapes, history, artistic value, and large parks. These are the four ingredients that turn Tuscan luxury real-estate in the most desired and expensive assets for investors who train their sights on Italian historical residences. An investigation by, a partner of the group, owner of one the main web portals specialized in real-estate, analyzed a sample of more than 1,500 ads across the entire national territory and returned an unequivocal response: when speaking of Italian luxury villas, the leadership is exclusively Tuscan.
Of the top ten luxury estates currently on the market, the ranking chart indicates, six of them are located in the region: towers overlooking the sea, villas with pompous interiors immersed in elegant parks, monumental castles spread throughout the Florentine province, and in the areas of Grosseto and the Aretino [near Arezzo]. The average prices vary between 15 and 50 million Euros. “In the majority of cases, these are very particular properties – explain managing director Carlo Giordano – and the fact that the most expensive properties are concentrated in Tuscany [is due] to both the great interest that buyers, including foreigners, have in the region and to the fact that the offer is not as ample as it was a few years ago. This drives prices up.”
The Florentine area includes both the oldest and the most expensive properties included on the list. In fact, the construction of the military fortress that later became the Montalto a Impruneta castle, found about a dozen kilometers from the regional capital, dates back to 964. Its history and the artistic works that include frescos attributed to the Giorgio Vasari school from the 1500’s, which bring the price to nearly 16 million. The record for luxury, however, is set by a rococo style villa surrounded by 18 hectacres of gardens, evaluated at 48 million.
The other Tuscan properties on the top ten list include: a hamlet with a monumental 19th century castle in Bucine, in the Arezzo province; a 16th century tower in Castiglione della Pescaia (Grosseto), a Tuscan-style villa with restaurant and staff housing in Cortona (Arezzo). In addition to these properties, wine cellars and villas with production centers for fine wines also have, in recent years, been able to attract the attention and investments of funds, businessmen, and international VIP’s. 

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