‘FDI on Location: Tuscany’ is a video produced by the Financial Times through its FDI Intelligence division. It focuses on a technological and avant-garde Tuscany, where research and the relationship between the academic world and industry are of paramount importance, a Tuscany that is attractive to companies looking to invest.

In twelve minutes, the video reveals the most famous images of Tuscany – the cities, the squares, the most familiar monuments. It then moves on to a number of multinational companies established in the region, such as General Electric, Yanmar and Fabio Perini, to the academic world with the University of Pisa and its relationship with the ICT sector, to several research centres and institutes such as the Fondazione Toscana Life Sciences (Life Sciences Tuscan Foundation) and Istituto Toscano Tumori (Tuscan Cancer Institute) and to the policies of the Tuscany Region in the investment field. Also included in the images are contributions from Novartis and the organizations Cubit, Centro Piaggio and Endocas.