The ground is broken for the real estate projects at the Pisa Harbor, the area on the mouth of the Arno redeveloped into a touristic harbor with a broad project that lasted three years. The month of October will see the opening of the work sites for the first block of expected construction that will contain the shopping center, overlooked by residential spaces: in fact, according to the project, the touristic harbor will be surrounded by green and by residential, commercial, and service areas.

There will be 11 building complexes totaling approximately 50,000 sq m, already subcontracted, that will comprise commercial and panoramic grounds as well as water-front apartments, and villas on the leeward section. The project provides for the harbor buildings to only be two stories tall, so as to offer plenty of panoramic views to the apartment buildings behind them, and surrounded by nature. In contrast, the main road that leads to the harbor will be entirely pedestrian, permitting a stroll among stores, gardens, squares, and restaurants. The goal is to complete the majority of the residential section by spring 2015, but the spaces will be marketed as early as 2014. The large project does not only have value by virtue of completing the touristic harbor inaugurated at the beginning of the summer, but also valorizes an area that is both highly neglected and of a significant environmental importance, given that it is located in the San Rossore natural park, Tuscany’s main park.

At the end of June, the project for the new harbor – which transformed a polluted area with abandoned buildings into a strategic “doorway to Tuscany”, due to both the Region’s long-standing nautical tradition as well as its strategic position that increases its appeal from the touristic profile: indeed, Marina di Pisa – the Municipalities that hosts the harbor – is located between Viareggio and Livorno, where some of Italy’s most important shipyards are located. It should also be considered that the recently started construction to create a navigable connection between the Arno river and the Navicelli canal (which connects Pisa to the Port of Livorno) will create an interesting nautical circuit which will unite the Pisa harbor – Arno – Navicelli – Livorno, largely within the confines of the San Rossore Park.

The redevelopment allowed for the construction of approximately 350 berthing spots, which are for sale exactly like real-estate, because they are created on private land, and for multi-year lease for boats between 10 and 50 meters: the most recent data provided by the Boccadarno Porto di Pisa spa indicate that more than 50% of the available berthing spots have either been sold or leased, with a strong presence of boats of “important” dimensions, ranging 25-30 meters. The basin’s depth varies from a maximum of -5 meters – to allow for the docking maneuvers of major class VIII boats – to -3.5m, in order to allow the docking, close to the harbor’s square, of class VI and VII crafts.