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Livorno - Porta a Mare

This is situated in a central geographic position with regard to an important and varied infrastructure system (“Galileo Galilei” international airport; busy railway junction; motorway network, the nearby Port of Leghorn); its schools of excellence (Pisa University, Sant’Anna Superior school), its research centres (CNR, INFN, Virgo Project) and an important University hospital. Pisa, which is small but pleasant to live in, is a continuously developing, interesting city for production settlements and start-ups. The “Città Galileiana” (Galilei Citadel of science) is not for sale, but leases its buildings, or portions of them. More precisely, Pisa Municipality is looking for a subject that can manage the whole complex with its cultural and other more remunerative activities (company headquarters and laboratories).

The old industrial slaughterhouse („vecchi macelli“) area dates back to the early 19th century and is worthy of architectural praise; it is located inside the historical centre, close to the walls of the city. It includes a large green area (approx. 12,000 sqm) with some buildings. The first building of 450 sqm is a prestigious villa that was used as the management offices of the “slaughterhouses” and which the project classifies as “business headquarters”. The second building of 1,000 sqm hosts the “National Museum of Calculating Instruments”, which is managed by a Pisa University Foundation and which has approx. 2,000 instruments, a library, and an electronic archive with multimedia material. From 6,000 to 10,000 people visit the Museum every year.

The third building, of approx. 1,000 sqm and with only one floor and very high ceilings, is classified by the recovery project as an area for cultural activities. The fourth building is made up of two distinct parts. The first (building 4a), which is for University laboratories and/or cultural activities, extends over 900 sqm on a single level, has a high ceiling and a central corridor with 12 rooms leading off. The second part (building 4b) is the same as the first, but has an intermediate floor, which means that there are 24 rooms leading off instead of 12; the project classifies the 1,200 sqm surface area as being for the headquarters of startup companies. Finally, there are some small buildings, for a total of 120 sqm, to be used as bookshops and reception.

The “ex Stables” („ex Stallette“) complex is located in a nearby area; this complex has four buildings for a total of 1,185 sqm, that can be used as the headquarters of startup companies. The original building, which dates back to the second half of the 19th Century, was a location for public Slaughterhouses. Subsequently, after the Slaughterhouses were transferred to the new headquarters (early 20th Century), the buildings became residences and stables.

Livorno - Porta a mare

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