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Arezzo - Logistic park

The Arezzo fright village is one of the most complex logistics system, which not only provides transport but ensures goods, businesses, the media, and people with a variety of general services, such as banks, post offices, restaurants, vehicle maintenance, etc.. It represents a comprehensive set of facilities and integrated services to support the exchange of goods between different modes of transport. The property is located on the outskirts of the city of Arezzo, in strategic position where its excellent accessibility provides the ability to effectively serve both the northern markets and those of the south.

The logistic center of Arezzo is built with great attention to the layout of the site, the materials, and the context in which it’s inserted. They are in advanced stage of the construction of infrastructure works (roads and sub-services), the buildings are be to designed and built according to the specific needs of the client. Use provided for by the current Town Planning (project of reconversion, structural plan already approved or not, etc): industrial, commercial, office, logistics. The area of Poggio alle Croci enjoys a favourable geographic position. Located on a very beautiful hill is only a 5 minutes walk away from the city centre of Volterra. Moreover the city is close both to the seaside and to the Tuscany up-country.

Arezzo - logistic park