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Development contracts

Development Contracts provide incentives toward major investments in the industrial (including business that process and sell agricultural products), tourism and of environmental protection, including R&D and innovation.

MD 9 December 2014


Italian and foreign large, medium and small enterprises.


The incentive includes the following financial benefits (also delivered in combination):
subsidised financing / interest-rate subsidy / non-repayable grant towards facilities / non-repayable grant toward expenses.


The amount depends on the type of project (investment or research; development or innovation), on the location of the initiative, and on the size of the company. The incentives are different for projects with environmental aims.


The total minimum investment required is €20 million, exclusive of infrastructure expenses. For businesses that process and sell agricultural products, this is reduced to €7.5 million.

The investment program shall conclude within a maximum period of 48 months from the approval date of the request for financing.


Applications for grants can be made according to the procedures and through forms downloaded from the Invitalia website.