Livorno – The company from Cupertino spent 300 million dollars to buy a part of a London-based multinational, Dialog Semiconductor. As part of the package, Apple bought the subsidiaries of four European cities of Dialog: two in Germany, one in UK and the other in Italy, in Livorno.

With this operation Apple has chosen to acquire 16% of the total workforce of Dialog, 300 engineers including the team of Livorno, about 80 people. The acquisition was hailed as “the largest ever made by Apple from the point of view of staff”. Apple’s objective in fact was the professionals and the skills of the teams operating in Europe. This makes the operation even more important for the Tuscan city.

Dialog Semiconductor is the company that has developed, for Apple, the chip that creates the contact between the battery and the brain of the devices: in practice, everything that regulates the consumption of the batteries of the I-Phone, from the first model, depends on the processing of Dialog.

“Dialog has extensive experience in chip development and we are excited to work with this talented group of engineers who have long supported our products and now work directly for Apple,” said Johny Srouji, Apple’s senior vice president. “Our relationship with Dialog dates back to the early iPhones and we look forward to continuing this long-standing partnership with them.