A map of Tuscany life sciences companies, never realized before, to provide the picture of one of the strategic sectors of the regional economy to national and International players. The life sciences pipeline matrix of Tuscany is an effective, easy to read tool that rationalizes the offer of the companies working in the region highlighting all the attractiviness of the Tuscan life sciences hub. Realized by a collaboration between Toscana Promozione, Tuscany Life Sciences Cluster and Invest in Tuscany, this tool was created to promote the Tuscan life sciences excellence in foreign countries, supporting the export, and to attract investments in the region.
A dynamic, ever evolving sector comes out from the picture, with a good number of close to the market products, well defined territorial specializations and complementary activities paving the way for the creation of business opportunities.

Life Sciences, a strategic value for Tuscany. The Tuscan companies monitored belong to four life sciences macro areas: medical devices/biotechnology (49%), software/ICT (25%), services and related activities (15%), pharma/biopharma (11%). The most part of the companies are small-sized (84%), followed by medium-sized companies (11%) and some big pharma (5%), that chose Tuscany to settle their plants and activities. A significative critical mass is present in the region: 320 companies, about 19.000 employees, 750 patents, 8 billion euros turnover.
In this scenario the Tuscany Life Sciences Cluster works to enhance and strengthen the system between companies, networks of excellence in the field of research and technology transfer, and the Tuscany regional institution, always opened to fund R&D projects, in particular those based on private-public partnership with potential benefits for the regional economy. Toscana Promozione and Invest in Tuscany complete the picture of the actors supporting the life sciences sector on all levels, in a fully integrated way, both inside and outside the region.

Life Sciences, why investing in Tuscany. The map provides an immediate view of the R&D status activity carried out in the region by companies in the three main life sciences field (medical devices/biotechnology, pharma/biopharma and software/ICT). It tells with effective details which technology the companies are developing ,the sectors and pathology of application and the current R&D status, all at a glance.
Thus, the map is a powerful tool for people interested in finding new commercial or research collaboration, or in settling their activities in Tuscany, like big companies have already done, such as Eli Lilly, Novartis Vaccines, Menarini, Kedrion, El.En. and Esaote, just to mention a few.
Besides a rich and diversified entrepreneurial network with a strong specialized disposition, life sciences in Tuscany offer a high educational level thanks to the presence of three major universities, three school of excellence (Sant’Anna, Pisa Normale Schools for Advanced Studies and the IMT Institute for Advanced Studies of Lucca), several institutes of National Research Council (CNR) and public and private research centers internationally renowned, a very good regional health system, that directly funds R&D projects and includes important healthcare centers where several clinical trials are carried out.
Given those numbers and the regional government commitment, the outlined picture makes Tuscany the perfect place where to find valuable partners and invest money and resources.

The pipeline matrix map of Tuscany life sciences preview was presented at BIO INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION exhibition in San Diego, and it is available to download for free on this website


and in the two websites: Tuscany Life Sciences Cluster (www.scienzedellavita.it) and Toscana Promozione (www.toscanapromozione.it).